Be an Analyst, Edition-3

Be an Analyst is weekly series which aimed to enhance skills beyond beginner level.These topics are composed of the most popular articles, as well as articles demonstrating new or updated features

    3. Show specific sheets in excel
    In a workbook with lots of worksheets, you can have a hard time finding the sheets that you need, to do a specific task. Instead of scrolling through all the sheet tabs, or using the popup list of worksheets, use a drop down list to show specific sheets in Excel. Also, all other sheets are hidden, and you’ll be able to focus on what you need to do, and ignore everything else.
    5. Fetching first N rows
    using FETCH FIRST n ROWS syntax to get a subset of the rows from what would normally be a larger resultset. for those who have experience in working with python pandas library. it is like head()

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